After Italy, I went to the French countryside to volunteer on an organic farm. In this vlog, I show you a bit of what I do on the farm and take you along on a Market Day at the local organic meat farm, where I was treated to a true country feast! If you haven't seen my previous European travel vlogs, you can check them out here: Quitting My Job: http://bit.ly/1Li8VVB Exploring Italy's Cinque Terre! : http://bit.ly/1g9T2oO Italian Train Strike Problems :( : http://bit.ly/1DCWzku An Afternoon in Pisa! : http://bit.ly/1HYz3QF Florence Gelato Tour FAIL: http://bit.ly/1SJWy50 The Statue of David & Reggae Music in Florence! : http://bit.ly/1eMDEx6 4 Fascinating Facts About Venice! : http://bit.ly/1gVAj02 Twitter - https://twitter.com/LeighAnneMarie_ Instagram - https://instagram.com/leighannemarie33