In 1775, the Culpeper Minutemen mustered in Old Clayton’s field in Culpeper, what is Yowell Meadow Park today. With its rich agricultural heritage, and Colonial and Civil War history, Culpeper offers an authentic experience for visitors to step back in time. Civil War battlefields are well-preserved and bear strong resemblance to their original landscape. Explore them on your own or enhance your visit with a knowledgeable local guide. The Museum of Culpeper History offers a unique glimpse into Culpeper’s past, and the walls of Graffiti House in Brandy Station contain over 200 pieces of original graffiti and drawings left behind by recuperating Union and Confederate soldiers. The annual Culpeper Harvest Days Farm Tour in October is the perfect weekend to explore Culpeper’s agricultural heritage, and many local farms are open to the public year ‘round for tours, on site purchases, or just strolling around.