Exploring a rural MIssouri plantation/farm including an 1830s home, cemetery, and single room chapel. We take "BackyardExploration" quite literally in this episode as I show you around parts of my own family's property and parts of my neighbor's property. Specific questions can be directed to my inbox. As always, all comments are monitored and anything regarding theft, vandalism, or property locations will be deleted. The land pictured in this video is farmed and constantly monitored. Do not attempt to visit here. Seriously though. Brief History: The founder of this property was born in 1796 in England. He married in 1820 and moved to America one year later. In 1834 he purchased this land and built a house on it. He expanded his estate to a 1,500 acre plantation, took up mining and milling, and became one of the most prominent men in the county. Music: "Wake Up From A Dream" - Martin Riopel