How to buy Land & Farms LAND BUYER'S TIPS 1 http://www.littlefamilyfarm.com Floyd County Virginia SUBSCRIBE & keep up with videos http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=lcfgroup See list of all "Buyer's Tips" http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5BFA696AF53E32EE&feature=plcp Write out your thoughts as you answer the following questions: What will be the primary use you have for the property- immediate and long-term? What is your purpose in buying it? Are you looking for a presumed permanent stay, or are you buying for an interim period? Maybe only for weekend recreation? For retirement? Assuming you have determined a budget and allocated a certain amount for this new home and property, what price range are you comfortable with?Are you able to pay cash for the property? Do not forget that taxes and insurance will be added costs associated with your purchase. How much acreage can you physically manage? In what area will you look for acreage? Give careful thought to the commute: to and from work, school, place of worship, areas of interest,etc. What is the proximity to your friends and family members? Is there enough shopping and available services in the surrounding area to supply your needs? Topography is important as it pertains to construction and accessibility. Personal preferences vary and the usefulness of all of your acreage maybe affected. Some love the views. Others can't stand to be stranded in the winter storm. What is the access you will have to your property-does it suffice? If you can find a parcel with a peaceful spring or creek flowing,or a pond to fish, woods for hunting/ hiking, or pasture for an animal or two, is that of additional interest to you? Restrictions... know what restrictions you consider tolerable and protective, and which ones you would prefer to avoid. For instance,will you be allowed to construct the home you want on your property now or in the future? Are your pets or animals welcome according to the declaration of restrictions associated with your desired property? What about business activity at your home? If you need to sell the property in the future: consider the saleability of the property you wish to buy. Look over your notes and visualize again what your dream property may look like. Try to narrow your search and compare only properties you decide in advance will be suitable. Subscribe to our channel http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=lcfgroup UNIQUE BENEFITS OF LCF GROUP: "LAND FOR SALE BY OWNER" The LCF Group is a family-run enterprise that has been buying and selling rural land since 1968. The LCF Group develops rural properties in a manner that is complimentary to its surroundings, and desirable to the buying public. These properties are then marketed "for sale by owner' for farming, investment, hobby or retirement, or as a "dream' home place for families. We may also find for you dream properties which are suitable as weekend retreats, sites for home business/ workplaces for telecommuters, mini-farms, horse country / ranch/ organic farms—any country place where you can live out "your dream' and achieve a certain quality of life. BENEFITS OF BUYING LAND "FOR SALE BY OWNER' We are experienced and we work with you! No third party to pay. We can discuss your dreams and current needs. We can negotiate price & terms together. We offer added benefit of owner financing: Buy with a smaller down payment Low interest rates to start No fees to apply, no points Easy application process, Same-day approval Secure your land, then make your plans One set of "closing costs' versus two Simple interest loan Extra funds applied directly to loan principal No penalty for early payoff We can often help when other lenders cannot Interest you pay may be tax-deductible We will work with you for the long term. We are knowledgeable and ready to help. Just call !! References for the LCF Group available. Video produced by the LCF Group, LCF Group consisting of David Larsen KK4WW, Gaynell Larsen KK4WWW and Dee Wallace KG4VMI.. The LCF Group ( 1-540-745-2322 ) We maintain the Floyd Virginia community amateur radio station N4USA and have a small historical microcomputer museum in the Village Green #8 Floyd VA a few words we use all them time bugbook ham_radio amateur_radio The LCF Group has developed and maintains the following web sites. http://www.floydcountyvirginia.org our county business directory http://www.virginiamountainland.com our land for sale by owner web site http://www.lcfarticles.com a publishing site with many ham radio stories http://www.chantillyfarm.com Where we have our annual 'Bluegrass & BBQ' Festival May 26 http://www.fairs.org all about "Foundation for Amateur International Radio Service" FAIRS N4USA Hamradio station http://www.bugbookcomputermuseum.com Our Historical Microcomputer museum in Floyd Virginia