2014 was a great year at Warter Priory. It is also the year we got our UAV, which allowed us to film our operation from above. This video showcases the best clips we have managed to capture throughout the year. We start off ploughing. This is either done with one of our Fendt tractors or one of our our CAT Challenger 765C tracked vehicles. We have a Kverneland 10 furrow plough and two Lemken 7 furrow ploughs. After ploughing comes cultivating. Again, we either use one of our Fendt tractors or the CAT Challenger again. In this video, the cultivating is done with our Great Plains Simba Cultipress. It is 6.6m wide. Next we move onto drilling. This year we did it all with our Vaderstad Rapid A 600C. This was pulled by one of our CAT Challengers. You will also see the Case Quadtrac 620 - we managed to borrow this for a few days and it really could pull! For fert spreading, we use an Amazone ZA TS 4200 spreader. For spraying we have three Bateman RB55 36m sprayers. All of our tramlines are 36m. The climax of the year is harvest. For this we use four Claas Lexion 580 combines. They all have 30 ft headers and work really well for us. We tried to get a video of all 4 working together but the opportunity never arose… we will try again in 2015! Finishing up with baling - we use J.W. Evison & Sons. They are local baling contractors and we had three of their balers this year. Finally the bales are taken away by one of two Big Bale Transtackers - a very efficient way for us to move this quantity of bales. Warter Priory is a world class farming operation set in the heart of East Yorkshire amidst 12,000 acres. At Warter, we pride ourselves on our reputation for quality and efficient farming. The main crops we focus on growing are wheat, barley and oilseed rape. We also grow peas in partnership with Birds Eye and some of our land is used for growing potatoes. This video was shot using a mixture of GoPro Hero 3+ cameras and the Canon 5D MKII. All the aerial footage was captured using our DJI S1000 UAV or our DJI Phantom 2 UAV. Music: World to Come by Vincent Tone